Education and Life Skills

World Vision works to improve the quality of early childhood education and learning environments, so that children and youth can access quality education and life skills development.  

Our work:

  • Support parents and/or caregivers capacity building through ECE and child development milestone training;
  • Enhancement of ECE facilities and community environment for children;
  • Life skills training;
  • Encourage child participation through Children's Centre programmes;
  • Enhancement of teaching resources, facilities and environment; and
  • Support most vulnerable children to access pre-primay education.

Achievements of 2020,

  • Supported life skills education in schools and in communities, benefited 59,150 children;
  • Improved the teaching and learning environment in rural areas, benefited 36,133 children; 
  • Set up child-friendly reading spaces and carried out activities to cultivate reading habits, benefited 19,228 children;
  • Organized early childhood development trainings, benefited 3,843 people;
  • Supported trainings and built support networks for teachers, benefited 1,278 people.

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