It takes a world to end violence against children


Every year, violence affects around 1.7 billion children in every country, city and community. As the member of The Global Partnership to End Violence against Children initiated by United Nations, World Vision launches a campaign, It takes a world to end violence against children, the joint movements of people in 85 countries and regions committed to listening to the voices of children and youth, keeping children safe from harm, and bringing about positive changes to the lives of vulnerable children, directly contributing to Sustainable Development Goals of UN.

In China, World Vision focuses on ending domestic violence against children, with the goal that girls and boys in China are protected from Domestic Violence and thrive in a positive and caring environment. Some statistics show 24.7%  of families experience domestic violence to various degrees while women and children are the main victims. Domestic violence against children can be hardly detected, so it takes a world, all walks of life, to make effort.

In the following years, World Vision will support in ending domestic violence against children in the following five  aspects:
-    Community members and parents/caregivers’ behaviour demonstrate the capacity to protect children from Domestic Violence.
-    Children and youth have the capacity and resilience to protect themselves and their peers from Domestic Violence, and enter dialogue with influencers and decision makers.
-    Laws and Policies in China, relating to Domestic Violence, are implemented through effective Child Protection mechanisms at different levels.
-    World Vision China achieves increased resources and visibility to take action addressing Domestic Violence.
-    World Vision China staff have the competencies (knowledge, attitude and skills) to implement the campaign to end Domestic Violence effectively.

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