The Flowers of Love Are Blooming in My School

The peace of children is the utmost happiness of Mom and Dad; the safety of students is the common expectation of the school and teacher.

Xiaoli is a primary school student and meanwhile a left-behind child; her parents take migrant work outside the village all the year round. In recent years, campus bullying and violence are quite common in primary and secondary schools in China. Except for concerning about the study and development of Xiaoli, what Xiaoli’s parents are mostly worried about is Xiaoli is bullied in school.

In cooperation with Pingquan Urban and Rural Community Child Development Service Center, World Vision invited professionals to carry out “Zero violence, zero bullying” safety educational activities in Xiaoli’s school. Meanwhile, World Vision invited the county case trial brigade to come to school to give speech on legal knowledge of campus violence and real campus crime cases, which told students that if they bully other students, they would be sent to jail if the case is serious, and meanwhile, they would have to carry the bad reputation of criminals throughout their lifetime. Xiaoli and other students listened very carefully, the policemen and students also did on-site legal knowledge Q & A, Xiaoli and other students have learnt a lot of legal knowledge, the policemen called on Xiaoli and other students to start from the small things and from their daily lives, walk every step of life with dignity, abandon the bad behavior resolutely and be a good student of all-round development.

At the end of the event, the school principal led all students in the school to read a proposal, “We should be brave to say no to campus violence; strengthen our study of legal knowledge; develop good habits; refuse to associate with the bad youth outside the school; enhance the sense of love and mutual support; actively communicate with parents and teachers; and establish an aggressive and positive view of life.” The proposal called on all students to take actions, starting from themselves and from little things around and being a good campus security guard. It was an especially solemn oath, Xiaoli and her classmates were well educated and inspired.  

During the late stage of the event, school teachers explained the relevant campus violence and prevention knowledge to students as well, at the same time, many vivid child paintings with text of zero violence and zero bullying were exhibited in the show window of the school, which illustrated that how to take preventive actions when encountering verbal and action bullying. Xiaoli and other students finally got to know how to respond to “bad guys”!

What made Xiaoli most excited was her speech of “Refuse campus bullying and start from me” in front of all students, “Students should love and support each other, be united as one……we all are the flowers of our motherland, we should not only bloom ourselves but also help students around to bloom brilliantly and let us bloom together on campus and grow up happily!” 

Xiaoli said, “Now on campus, harmonious relationship and love among students can be seen everywhere and I can learn and play with my peers happily in school as well!”

(Written by Wang Yan)