Children Affected by Disasters

Natural disaster destroys people’s family and home in a second. Affected people usually experience serious pain, anxiety and tensions. Even adults will have such emotions, the adverse psychological impact on children is inevitable. In order to help these children to live happily again, appropriate psychological assistance is necessary. During emergency relief work, World Vision not only response to the materials needs of affected people in a timely manner, but also establish “Child Friendly Space”, a safe place for affected children to play, learn and accept psychological assistance at.

After Wenchuan earthquake, government departments and some professional organizations realized the importance of post-disaster psychological assistance, apart from relief material distribution and affected area reconstruction. A new concept with life rescue, materials assistance and psychological assistance is developed. Since 2010, World Vision has been cooperating with the Institute of Psychology, China Academy of Sciences on Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province, Yingjiang and Yiliang earthquake in Yunnan Province, Zhouqu Mudslides and Minxian earthquake in Gansu Province and Lushan earthquake in Sichuan Province. Post-disaster psychological assistant work was conducted to help relieve the emotional stress among local community. Learning and experience gathered through the way has been published to provide theoretical support for future policy making. 

In April 2015, World Vision and the Institute of Psychology, China Academy of Sciences co-organized the first national conference on Child Protection in Emergency. In April 2016, World Vision held a psychological support forum, in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. During this forum, the Chinese version of “Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action” was officially launched, encouraging all relief/humanitarian organizations in China to integrate child protection into their response work. The translation of “Minimum Standards” was done under the co-efforts of World Vision China and other international and local organizations. 

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