Child Protection

For more than three decades, many adults (parents) in rural areas began to seek better urban employment opportunities, resulting in large scale population movement from rural to urban regions, and unprecedented numbers of children left behind in villages as well as migrant children . The structural family changes in turn led to a weakening of guardianship, care and protection of children. Children are now taken care by their grandparents, relatives or elder siblings. Due to the physical ability and parenting experience of these caregivers, children are sometimes more vulnerable to protection issues, especially any form of violence against children.

Enhancing the protection of children from violence requires raising awareness in communities and especially societal efforts among children, and more importantly among adults.  While it is important to respond to and talk about these issues in a more direct way, so as to change the attitude of adults in paying attention to these issues and the harmful impacts on children, preventive measures of raising the awareness of child protection among children, parents, caregivers, decision makers is also essential and important. 

In 2020, World Vision China's Child Protection projects have impacted the lives of 71,000 people. 

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